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Although burglary rates have steadily fallen in recent years, it’s important that we protect our homes, assets and ourselves from the trauma and disruption that burglaries cause. 


In this post, we look at wireless options of smart and digital home security devices as well as traditional door locks, doors and windows.




Smart and Digital Door Locks


Smart and digital door locks have become increasingly popular with homeowners. There are all types of models available on the market, designed to suit all needs and budgets. Some smart and digital door locks come high-tech with a fingerprint scan. Other options include codes and smartphone access via an app which gives you the convenience of opening the door for someone while you are away from your home. 


Before purchasing a smart and digital door lock, check your compatibility with your door – especially if you have an older type of door. 




Before You Buy


Do your homework and consider which model is best suited to your budget and security needs. Always read the reviews and make sure it comes with a good warranty. 




Smart Doorbells


Smart doorbells are typically Wi-Fi enabled devices which digitally act like a concierge to your property.


Usually fitted with a built-in camera, they will help you identify and record who is at your door no matter where you are. These devices use Wi-Fi to stream live video to your phone or TV.


Some brands come with motion detectors, high dynamic range cameras, voice controls and usually pair through other third-party smart devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. A few models will simply let you use your phone to close and open doors. The more expensive brands include push, text and email notifications (in real time) and geofencing features. Geofencing features set up a perimeter around your home, so you never have to worry about whether you locked your doors after leaving your property.


Talk to your local Hubby first about fitting a smart or digital lock. Some devices are more time-consuming than others to install. 


If you aren’t tech-savy and prefer a more traditional lock, our Hubbies have extensive experience to assist you. 




Changing Your Door


Doors can be expensive and so it is important to have the job done right the first time. It’s rare to find a new door fit straight into the existing frame. Unless you have mastered the art to hanging doors, leave this job for Hire A Hubby.




Changing Your Lock


If you’ve recently moved home, changing locks is one of the first things which should be on your ‘to-do’ list.


Our Hubbies will ensure all the lock components are perfectly aligned and ensure the job is completed with a neat finish.






From new and replacement uPVC double glazed windows to adding window security bars – Hire A Hubby can help add security and energy efficiency to your home.


Window security bars are designed to reduce the risk of break-ins while providing a deterrent from burglary or vandalism.


A sash jammer is another way of adding security to your windows and doors. They prevent a door or window from opening should the locking mechanism be bypassed by a thief. They are easy to fit and fit most doors and windows.




Additional Safety Measure


  • Fit a latch or chain to your front door.
  • Put an internal cover plate on the inside of your letterbox. Doing so will stop any unwanted eyes from looking in.
  • If you have any doors with glass panels, fit a plastic glazing film for additional protection.
  • Make sure all your windows are locked before leaving the house.
  • Windows should be double glazed.
  • Consider fitting sash jammers to your windows and doors.


Hire A Hubby is here to help. Call us on 0800 111 4664 or click here for a free quote.

* Not all Hire A Hubby franchises offer all of the above services. Please liaise with your local Hire A Hubby franchisee when booking a job.


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