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What You’re Buying Into

Over our many years, we have developed several beneficial criteria to ensure the success of our entire network. We stand by our promises and have full confidence that we can provide you with the support that your business needs to flourish.

Income Guarantee

We’re confident that when a new Hubby starts, they’ll make the amount of money they need to pay the bills and put food on the table. So much so that we offer an income guarantee to give you and your family peace of mind of cash flow security during the crucial stages of a business start-up phase. *T&Cs apply.

Operational Support

Although you will be running your own business, we offer full operational support from both Hire A Hubby’s Head Office and the wider network. From your first day as Hubby, your Operations Team will be available to support you in your ventures to building your business to a true success.

Non-Competing Territories

One of the keys to our Hubbies’ success is the fact that they do not compete for work. Instead, with clearly defined territories and clear demographic & geographic profiling on each of these regions, Franchisees will build up their own customer bases within their areas.

Market Leading Innovation

To maintain our strong foothold in the industry, we are constantly innovating ways to improve the processes our Hubbies undertake in a day to day environment. Recent projects include our innovative system; a custom built cloud-based customer management system (Hub e-Connect) which manages all administration in a Franchisee’s business.

Industry Overview

According to AMA Research via Construct UK, the UK home improvement multiples market was worth around £7.2bn in value terms (RSP) in 2015.

The rise in demand is due to:

  • Growth in the general economy with rising incomes
  • A stronger housing market including home purchasing incentives such as Help to Buy
  • Improvement in summer weather conditions which showed an increase in the outdoor maintenance jobs

However, growth has largely been constrained by a shift away from householders doing DIY jobs towards using tradesmen.   This has been most noticeable among the under 35s, where a general lack of skills/aptitude and a preference for spending money and time on other things has developed over the last few years.

Franchising is now reckoned to contribute £15.1bn to the UK economy – that’s an increase of 46% over the last decade. There are now 621,000 people employed via franchising including 321,000 in full-time employment, with a 14% increase in the number of franchisee-owned businesses over the last two years.

Average turnover continues to rise and over half now claim an annual turnover of more than £250,000. A record 97% of franchisee-owned units reported profitability. 

(Source: British Franchise Association)

Hire A Hubby UK Franchisees

Benefits of a Hire A Hubby Franchise

We pride ourselves on our extensive offering to our Franchisees which surpasses the necessary business start-up items, to family and personal discount benefits as well.

Business Benefits
  • Underwrite trade accounts to assist with cash flow at the crucial start-up phase
  • Coordination of the start-up process including your business registration
  • Induction Training Course
  • Work Health & Safety Certification for each Franchisee
  • Sophisticated Electronic Job Management System
  • Supplier discounts with tool manufacturers, product suppliers, motor vehicle finance or purchases, communication package, and discount insurances
  • Quarterly and Cell Group franchise meetings
  • Attendance at our National Franchisee Conference
  • Weekly business evaluation from commencement
  • Ongoing skills & business training
  • Call Centre job allocation
  • Franchisee Intranet Forum access
  • Variety of ongoing national advertising

Training and Support

Welcome to training – a very important part of the induction process for our new Hire A Hubby Franchisees. This training is centred on our Forming Good Habits Program and is designed to get our new Franchisees up and running in their new business, as quickly and possible.

This course is constantly reviewed and improved based on feedback from trainees and our Operations Team.

All training is conducted by our industry qualified and experienced professional Training Manager who has experience in running a successful Hire A Hubby franchise.

Course Overview

Customer Service

Hire A Hubby takes pride in the levels of our customer service provided by our Franchisee network. It is one of the keys to our collective success since this is largely what set us apart from other service providers. In this part of the Forming Good Habits Program, we go through the 6 Keys to Excellent Service Delivery.

Business Planning

One of the most important things about running a business is knowing where you want to be and planning how to get there. In this session, we provide the tools and techniques to start the business planning process and cover the fundamental skills required to run a business.

Marketing & Work Generation 

Our Marketing Team and constantly developing and reviewing strategies to assist in the creation of work opportunities. We present some of these ideas during the training program and get you start with the create of your first media release. This marketing training is an ongoing process for the first six weeks of your journey with weekly email updates.

Quoting Process

Getting the quote right is one of the keys to success. You will practice creating quotes for a wide range of realistic situations. We review these and discover many of the traps that can cause problems for the inexperienced operator.

You will learn how to use our custom built system software to produce quotes & invoices and email these directly to your customers. The system’s CRM capabilities will allow you to follow up and manage this important part of your business.

Work Health & Safety

Hire A Hubby has carefully positioned itself as a corporate entity that is compliant with Health & Safety provisions, and capable of taking advantage of the enormous corporate and commercial market for the provision of maintenance services. Our Forming Good Habits Program focuses on the Health & Safety matters that are part of the day to day operations of a typical Franchisee and highlights some of the risks & hazards they can confront. This is particularly valuable to people that have been off the tools for quite some time.

From working with power tools in an environment where there are children and pets running around, to undertaking risk assessments when entering one of our commercial clients or major shopping centres, the Hire A Hubby Health & Safety system will make sure you are ready to start work safely.

Practical Skills

You will have the opportunity to demonstrate and practice your handyman skills under guidance in our well-equipped training workshop. Here you will have the opportunity to practice implementing the practical aspect of some of your prepared quotes.

Post Training Course

The Forming Good Habits Program is then extended into the field by our Operations Team as they monitor and guide your performance.

Income Guarantee

For most people, the biggest leap of faith in transitioning into a new business is the fear of the unknown. Hire A Hubby provides a minimum income guarantee to all new business purchases of up to £50,000 in gross profit. This gives Hubbies and their families the peace of mind & security they need in the early stages of their business.

Our Income Guarantee shows the confidence we have in our business to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. *T&Cs apply.

Hubby Network

We place a strong emphasis on the help and guidance we offer to the overall network.

A Cell Group meeting is a voluntary get-together amongst Franchisees who live and work close to one another. These meetings are a great way to share knowledge on local suppliers, swap information and tips on quoting & follow-up processes with customers, share resources, and assist on bigger projects or those where specialised skills are required. Whether you’ve been a Hubby for a day, or a decade, Cell Group meetings are a wonderful way to get to know your fellow Hubbies.

Quarterly meetings are a more formal event which is compulsory and runs to a formal agenda. This is an occasion to introduce new Hubbies to the network, speak with selected suppliers, learn about new tools & products, as well as being brought up to speed with what’s happening within the organisation.

Our Hubbies come from all walks of life, including:

  • Armed Forces
  • Banking & Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • The Trades
  • Emergency Services
  • Retail

Our Annual Conference

Being a part of the Hubby network means you’ll get to attend the Hire A Hubby Annual National Conference. This is an energetic few days where you’ll meet fellow Hubbies from around the country, members of the Head Office team and a variety of guest speakers.

The agenda is usually set around giving you individual business motivation and inspiration for the year ahead. It’s also a time that Head Office can showcase the changes made to date, as well as the plans for the next 12 months in an open forum.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to network and pick the brains of like-minded friends, as well as sharing your success stories. Each year it is in a different location but domestically and internationally, we can make the most of cultural tours & activities alongside our business sessions.

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For most people, the biggest leap of faith in transitioning into a new business is the fear of the unknown. Hire A Hubby provides a minimum income guarantee to all new business purchases of up to £50,000 in gross profit. This gives Franchisees and their families the peace of mind & security they need in…
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