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Where does the work come from?

Hire A Hubby provides an initial marketing package, but most importantly, we send our operations staff out on the road to introduce you to repeat business customers, the likes of estate agents and retail stores. Customers can log a job request online via our website or via a freephone number where our call centre looks after customer job requests. All job requests are automatically allocated to the local Franchisee.

What kind of customers use Hire A Hubby?

Every household or business will require maintenance or renovation work from time to time. Each region will provide a wide variety of different customers to service on a regular basis. Domestic households are a very common customer, however, our Franchisees will also develop commercial relationships with estate agents & property managers, aged care centres and day care centres for regular maintenance works. In addition, retail business and offices will have maintenance requirements that the local Hire A Hubby Franchisee can service as well.

Do I need to be a tradesman to make a successful Franchisee?

Trades skills can certainly assist you, but they are not imperative. The vast majority of our franchisees are home handymen who have developed their skills from working in their own homes and that of family and friends. You need to possess and be competent in the use of hand and power tools.

Is there a set hourly rate, or a set price list for all jobs?

Handyman work is very diverse, so we do not set fixed prices. Our Induction Training Course provides extensive training on the pricing and quoting of jobs. We review over 50 of the most commonly requested jobs and provide the key steps involved in preparing a quotation and then discuss them as a group. We also provide a print out of “market acceptable” prices for you to carry as a reference.

Who gets paid for the work, Head Office or the Franchisee?

All payments by customers are made to the Franchisee direct via one of the payment options offered at the completion of the job. In the event that a national retailer requires Head Office to control the billing, Franchisees send an invoice to Head Office, and Head Office pays the Franchisee on pre-agreed terms.

Do I have to buy supplies from Hire A Hubby, or can I choose who to buy from?

Standard stationery and uniforms must be purchased through our nominated suppliers. All other trading items can be sourced from local suppliers. Hire A Hubby strives to provide substantial discount arrangements through our preferred supplier network.

What happens if somebody I know wants me to do work for them, but it is in another Franchisee’s territory?

This is a common question. Provided you advise the owner of the territory that you have been requested to do work prior to entering the territory, and you extend the same courtesies, then you will be free to conduct this work. The Hire A Hubby system acknowledges that people buy from people, and a referral is the sign of happy customers. The exception to this rule is that no Franchisee can actively canvass for work outside of their own designated territory.

Who looks after my work when I want to take a holiday?

Head Office provides support for Franchisees at annual leave time so you can have a holiday away from your business, happy in the knowledge your customers are being looked after while you’re away. Alternatively, you can make your own arrangements with a neighbouring Franchisee.

What happens if I get a job that I am not confident in doing?

Head Office provides networking opportunities amongst its Franchisees, allowing you the opportunity to work with your peers and gain new skills on the job. You can also source help from a skilled contractor. At Hire A Hubby we don’t commit to something you are not capable of doing professionally.

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