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Prep Your House For Sale


Every seller wants to achieve the best possible sale price for their property, so giving your home a renovation make-over could make all the difference. You want to present your home in the best possible light and create a warm and welcoming ambience for prospective buyers.


Go online and see what similar properties are available for sale near you. Look at what has recently sold nearby too. Make a list and see how the properties differ from yours.


For example, a nearby property may have an ensuite. Perhaps spending a little money can give your home that edge and make it better placed with other properties on the market. Just be warned – you don’t want to overcapitalise!


Know the difference between a repair or upgrade. Upgrades will boost the sale value while repairs will keep your current home value from falling.


To get a fair assessment of your property, you should speak to a couple of local estate agents. Have them come and survey your home and ask them if there is anything that you should look at getting fixed or changed and how it fairs on today’s property market.




Spring clean (including inside the cupboards and draws)


You want to show any potential buyers that your home is well maintained and looked after. It is essential to clean all your cupboards inside and out. Buyers will take their time looking around the home and tend to open cupboards and draws to get an idea of space and usage. Spend the time giving your home a good deep clean and rearrange and organise everything in your cupboards and draws. Buyers are put off seeing stains and marks in the house and will usually consider it as a downfall and expense potentially replacing it with something new. Reduce as many negative aspects as you can before you put your property up for sale.


Don’t forget to check…..


Check your plumbing and drains should be free of clogs of hair! Wash down any bathroom extractor fans of excessive dust.






Check the grouting in the kitchen, bathroom and on any flooring. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar will help clean up any discolouration and remove grime. If your grouting is damaged or needs replacing, give Hire A Hubby a call. Re-grouting is a cost-effective way to rejuvenate that tired looking tiled area and make it look new again. Buyers can be deterred if there is a need for improvement projects and seeing damaged tiles or dirty grouting won’t help your cause.




Give it a fresh lick of paint


Paint touch-ups will give your property that crisp and new appeal. Tired looking homes will do well with a simple fresh coat of paint. You want to make your property appealing and not only does it make your home look more modern, but it also has the potential to increase the property value.


For the cleanest and most efficient painting job, always seek a professionals help.  Get Hire A Hubby to give your property a fresh coat of paint.



We all have a favourite colour but it’s always ideal to keep the inside of our property to a light and neutral palette so the buyer can envisage their own furniture inside the home.




Don’t overlook the exterior of your property as first impressions count! Depending on the style of the house and location, the exterior is where you can sometimes go a bit bolder in colour. Always check to see if you need council approval first.


It is always worth washing down the walls and doors and giving the windows and ledges a good clean. If you have any chipped or faded paint, give Hire A Hubby a call. You want to add as much street appeal to your property as possible and we’ll help you stand out from the crowd.


First impressions only come once, so do it right!




Pressure-wash outside areas


The outdoor appeal is hugely important. You want to pressure-wash any dirt or mould away from any driveway, paths, tiles or decking.


If the outside of your property has had years of caked-on dirt, mould and grime, you’ll need it pressure-washed to give it curb appeal. That includes driveways, paths, tiles, decking, side of the house and gutters and drain pipes.


Always use an expert when using pressure-washing equipment. Hire A Hubby has both experience and know-how when it comes to high-pressure cleaning. It’s a great way to prepare your home for professional photography with estate agents.




Replace old fixtures and fittings


Prospective buyers don’t want to see signs of damages like cracked tiles, stained carpets or loose handles. You want to remove any sign of work that needs to be undertaken to improve your chances of selling at the best price. Sometimes, the littlest of changes can make all the difference with buyers.


If you have dated looking wall tiles, a cheap option and hack is to simply buy some tile paint rather than the costly method of retiling.


Update any old taps, cabinetry handles, light switches and plug sockets, shower heads.


Our Hubbies will take care of everything for you. We can fix and repair your damages and thoroughly check everything else including re-tiling, grouting and repairs to your walls, windows, doors and floors. We’ll even make sure your doorbell is working properly!




Stylists – listen to the experts!


We have to accept that when it comes to styling our home ready for sale, we should sometimes leave it to the experts. Stylists usually have a formal degree and come with an understanding of spatial awareness, much like an artist understands where and what to paint on a canvas. Don’t be put off by them telling you to remove your favourite painting or to change the dining room table to a piece of furniture that they can provide. They’re providing you with the best solutions and know-how on maximising the space between each room and making it appeal to a wider audience.


Stylists don’t always come cheap but remember the money spent hiring one can result in the money back in the pocket!


If you are going to go down the route of doing it yourself, remember to make sure you have totally decluttered as “less is more”, as they say. You want to present your space and make sure there is a flow from one room into another.


Remove family photos as depersonalisation matters! You want to make the property as much a blank canvas as you can. Photographs can hinder that process as it creates a mental roadblock for potential homebuyers. When a potential buyer sees personal photography you’re actually reminding them that someone lives here and overshadowing their thoughts.





Vent your house – open windows and doors


Open all your windows and doors prior to selling. You want to ventilate your home as much as you can to remove any bad smells, especially if you are a pet owner. Keep your home as fresh as it can be.


Some property agents tend to love lighting scented candles when fragrancing a room. If you’ve cleaned, repainted and made your home all fresh and new, let the buyers see and smell that. It has been said that buyers are more intrigued by the smell of fresh paint, so don’t try to mask it!



Call Hire A Hubby


Our Hubbies check everything from gates and fences, garden and lawn, front door and driveway, entrance halls, walls, ceilings, windows, carpets and flooring, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.


You don’t get second chances when selling your home, so call Hire A Hubby today!


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