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Lovely Laundries

We love our bathrooms and our kitchens, but our laundries are often forgotten and neglected. Why!? They’re an essential part of any home and a place where, like it or not, we spend a significant amount of time. So, why not turn it into a space that you’re proud of – a space that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing? When it comes to laundries there’s no one size fits all, so we’ve put together a list of different options for your home. 




A laundry and Mudroom combination is a great option for those with a space located between the entry of their home and the main living space. This option is a great way to keep the clean in and the dirt out. It serves as a quarantine between the outside world and the inner sanctuary of your home.


Tip: Incorporate a lot of storage options – cupboards and high shelving. Otherwise, this space can quickly become a dumping ground that’s less than inviting. 


Laundry Closet


For those of us living in apartments or smaller houses, the laundry closet is a great way to utilise space in your home. This closet can be located anywhere in your home and hidden away when it’s not in use. 


Tip: Spice things up a bit by adding bifold or sliding doors. 



In the Kitchen


Another space saving idea, incorporate the washer and the dryer in the kitchen! Food for thought: If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, be wary that the noise from your washer or dryer may be louder than you anticipate. 


Tip: Consider a vertical sliding organiser to use your space efficiently. 


Laundry Nook


So much space goes unused in many homes. It’s amazing how little space you need to set up a little laundry nook. And here’s the thing – you can hide it away so no one even knows it’s there! 


Tip: If you’re really pushed for space, pay close attention to doors – How the door to your nook opens, as well as how your appliance doors open. You need to make sure you can still access your washing machine and dryer! 


Bathroom Combo


This is a winning combination that really makes a great deal of sense. The plumbing is already there and it’s waterproofed. Why not tuck the washing machine and dryer behind the door?


Tip: Hidden away or on display, your laundry is secondary to your bathroom design – Don’t let it distract from your aesthetic. 


Under the stairs


Here’s a wild-card that just might work for you. In any case it’s cool to look at! 


Tip: If your space allows, place both the washing machine and the dryer on ground level so you can include a bench top, and possibly shelving, above. 



Walk-in Wardrobe 


From whence it came it shall return. I think that was Shakespeare? – Ahead of his time. If you’ve got the space, incorporating the laundry in your wardrobe may be an option you never thought of. If you’re challenged for space, this may be worth considering.


Tip: Put the clothes away! 


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