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How to Create the Perfect Entertainment Area in your Garden

Us British folk are known globally for our eccentricity as well as a long history of innovation and invention. For the most case, this was put to the test over the last couple of years.


During the Covid pandemic and lockdowns which followed, many of us were inspired to rethink our indoor and outdoor space. From garages turned into gyms and sheds adapted into bars, there was no end to what we could do with our spaces. And now life has once again resumed, it has shown us just how adaptive and creative we all can be.


In this month’s Blog Post, we look at the quirky and extraordinary as we try to help you create the perfect entertainment area in your garden.




In Winchester, Hampshire; exotic gardening enthusiast Hannah McFarlane decided to build herself a Tiki Bar (pictured above).

Photos: By Hannah McFarlane:



Bar Area


By adding your own bar to your garden, you’re opening up the possibilities of outdoor family entertainment and certainly looks great against any BBQ area or outdoor kitchen you may have. Simply have a garden shed built or utilise the one you may already have by clearing it out. Have one of our hubbies cut you out a serving hatch, create a bar top and give it a colour of paint. Simply dress it up by printing and laminating a few well-known drinking brand labels and imagery. Add a few bar stalls, bar snacks, and dressing it with shelves of your favourite beer, spirits, or wine.


If you’re bold enough, how about building a Tiki Bar?





Outdoor Kitchen Area


If you love cooking, and you have the room for it, why not dress up your back garden to include an outdoor kitchen and dining area. With it, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy the weather and comfort of the home. It also provides that additional space to entertain the family.


The key essentials to an outdoor kitchen include:

  • Built-in gas grill
  • Side burner
  • Small refrigerator
  • Rubbish bin
  • Cupboards/Shelving


Additional options include:

  • Griddle
  • Smoker
  • Pizza oven
  • Wine cooler
  • Sink


Some outdoor kitchens you can buy are complete and ready to install. If you’re on a budget, you can always find some second-hand accessories on Facebook Marketplace or online e.g. a small fridge or wine cooler. Our Hubbies can help you design and put it together.


Some outdoor kitchens come complete and ready to install. The deciding factor is usually budget, Work out your budget and get an estimate from Hire A Hubby on how much the installation will cost. Remember to add in the cost for the utilities you’ll want for your kitchen area.


Kitchen areas are best placed under shelter – especially with our unpredictable weather.


Don’t forget safety!


If you are building with combustible materials as many outdoor kitchens area, make sure your grill area is ventilated and has good clearance from low ceilings and is not too close to the wall of your house. Never install cooking and cooling appliances together – they both need to ventilate as they generate a lot of heat. You don’t want to build yourself a fire hazard!





Dressing Up


All it takes to transform a garden is a little imagination. Creating a theme or colour throughout your garden will help join everything together.


Dress up your garden with some colourful beach towels laid out across your sun-lounges. Follow the colour through to matching cushions, tableware, or cloths. Add plenty of outdoor ambient lighting to give your garden a party-style atmosphere and consider having some outdoor speakers fitted in and around your space.





Get Painting!


Consider hiring a wall muralist or graffiti artist to paint your fences or walls with a beach or tropical scene. By surrounding the backdrop with colourful flowers and exotic plants, you’ll bring the backdrop to life. You can find local mural artists online or be bold and give it a try yourself or with the children.






Decking & Gazebos


Hire A Hubby can help build, repair, clean, oil or stain decking and gazebo areas. Decks make a great platform or designated area for entertaining. Gazebos also add protection from cold and wet weather and also the benefit of providing shade from the sun.


If you already have a deck or gazebo and haven’t it for a while, it may be worth giving Hire A Hubby a call. Our Hubbies will inspect for any signs of wear and tear. We can clean away any build-up of dirt, mould and grime using high-pressure cleaning. We can even oil your deck or gazebo for you to protect it from water damage and resistance to mould, as well as stain it to revitalise and preserve the area and highlight the natural grain of the wood. You should always maintain your gazebo and decking area by having it treated every 6 months.





Retaining Walls


Give your garden some shape by landscaping and installing retaining walls. Create distinct areas and give your garden some purpose. They provide a variety of benefits including drainage, safety aspects from soil erosion, as well as creating something aesthetically pleasing in the garden.


Hire A Hubby can help you with a new build or even replace or repair an existing failing wall. Speak to us for a quote.


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