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7 Tips To Keep Your Home Warm In Winter

Winter is a time when we all want to stay wrapped up and warm inside our home. However, keeping warm can be a challenge.


In this Blog, we’ll discuss some handyman tips to help you keep your home warm in winter. After all, staying warm is essential for our health.






1. Check for Draughts


Draughts will make your home feel uncomfortable and cold and may lead you to spend more on your gas and electricity bills. Identifying where a draught is coming from can be difficult so we recommend doing the following:


  • Look for gaps around windows, skirting boards and doors. Also look for visible light filtering through gaps, or movement in curtains or blinds (when the windows are closed).
  • Feel for moving air or cold air.
  • Listen for whistling or blowing wind or rattling noises – especially during strong winds.
  • If you do identify where a draught is coming from, there are several ways to stop draughts and keep your home warm and cosy.






2. Seal Doors and Windows


Check your doors and windows for gaps, and seal them with weatherstripping, caulking, sealing tape, or draught excluders.


A wide range of products are available at most DIY stores and there should be one to suit your particular style of doors and windows. Applying and installing some of these products can be relatively easy and quick, while others may warrant a bit more preparation and time.


Other fixes you may want to consider include getting covers for your keyholes and letterbox. If you have an open fireplace which is not in use, you can insert a chimney balloon to seal off the cold.





3. Use High-Quality Curtains


While double and triple glazing can help reduce heat loss, a more attainable option for many people is the installation of blinds, shutters or curtains.


Blockout curtains help reduce heat loss by acting as a barrier between the room and the window. Heavy curtains should be full-length, and fitted as close to the wall and window as possible.


Ask one of our Hubbies to come and help fit you some blinds or curtain rails.








4. Seal gaps between Floorboards and Skirting boards


If you have floorboards, check for gaps between the floorboards, and between your floorboards and skirting boards. Gaps should be filled and sealed. Floorboards may need a protective coating and the skirting boards may need a touch-up of paint.






5. Carpet and Rugs


Carpet is renowned for having very good thermal properties and the thicker the carpet, the greater protection.


Like carpet, the use of rugs and hallway runners on your floor is another alternative option.






6. Repair cracked walls


If you have cracks in your walls cold air may find its way into your home. Cracks can be repaired, patched and painted over fairly easily. However, if cracks in your walls keep returning, it may be wise to engage a structural engineer to determine if your home has shifted on its foundations or if other structural issues are at play.






7. Roof Insulation


It’s crucial to give your roof insulation a thorough check to ensure your home remains cosy and energy-efficient. Insulation can deteriorate over time due to wear and tear, which could lead to energy loss and discomfort during the colder months. It’s essential to inspect for any signs of damage, like sagging insulation, moisture or water damage, or pests that may have made a home in your insulation. An inspection helps identify these issues so you can address them in a timely manner, ensuring that your insulation is in prime condition to keep your home warm and your energy bills in check. So, give your roof insulation a once-over before winter arrives, and you’ll be all set to enjoy a snug and well-protected home throughout the season.




Remember to always hire a professional handyman when needed and to stay safe when doing any home maintenance tasks.


If you need help around your home this winter, please contact Hire A Hubby via our Book a Free Quote page or telephone 0800 111 4664.


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