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Must-Have Tools for Vegetable Gardening

A person’s garden(s) can represent a variety of things to one’s self, from a private oasis of relaxation to a source of food or income for your entire family. Gardens can be used for a calming visual effect, with various shrubs and flowers for a sea of color, or it can be rows upon rows of vegetables and herbs used in everyday meal preparation.

Today’s world is admittedly more health conscious than our ancestors and the average person thinks about what is being put into their bodies at a greater level. A vegetable garden can be a good way to increase your organic food consumption and increase your savings. Not having to purchase vegetables or expensive herbs from a grocery store can go a long way in freeing up money for other needs. Perhaps, you are an amateur gardener, with beginner’s hope and optimism and never gardened in your life but eager to learn. Or perhaps, you have experience but not the proper equipment to maintain a decent sized garden.

Regardless of your circumstance(s), the following items are a comprehensive but not complete list of tools one must have for vegetable gardening.

Quality Pruners
Every gardener would agree on the simple fact that without a quality pair of pruners with sharp blades, you will not make it far in gardening. These versatile tools can be used for trimming back leaves to cutting weeds out from the garden. A quality pair of pruners can also reduce strain on the hands and arms to avoid injury.

Flexible, Sharp Shovel
When starting your garden, a flexible but sharp shovel is an essential tool for any stage of the process. A shovel with a good grip that will turn with your body during use will eliminate the likelihood of injury or muscle strain.

A Quality Mower
A well-maintained mower will be your biggest weapon in the battle against weeds and overgrowth taking over your garden. If a garden is full of long grass, weeds, and even dead leaves, you can basically choke your garden. Without full access to the sun and the elements, the plants can wilt and die during the fight for space.

A reel mower is a manual mower that can be adjusted to cut the grass and surrounding vegetation to a length of the gardener’s choosing. The best reel mower for both your garden and personal preferences can be hard to find but there are websites such as BackYard Boss with a vault of information. Visit your local hardware store where a range of products and specialists are available for comparison purposes.

Personal Items (Gloves, Knee Pads, Apron etc.)
A strong well-made pair of gardening gloves can make the difference between an infection or not! When using numerous sharp tools, the chance of injury is higher and without a pair of strong gloves, your hands are exposed to the elements. If you are gardening with bare hands or even a lower-quality pair of gloves, and there is an open wound on your hands, no matter the size, the chances of a parasite or bacteria from the soil entering your system are increased.

Knee pads are another key tool for gardening because it saves stress on your knees and your back. Constant shifting and kneeling without proper support can wreak havoc on your body, leaving you an aching mess with a discouraged heart. A well-fitted set of knee pads or a knee pad supports can decrease the amount of stress on your knees and in turn, make you a happier gardener!

The soil used in gardening can be thicker, with a darker color, than most soil found in potted plants or even on the sidewalk. Various additives are mixed throughout the soil to promote water consumption and growing speeds. This blend of soil can stain clothes and take a fair amount of washing and spot treatment to remove. By using a gardening apron, you will save on your clothes and washing machine.

Stainless Steel Trowel
A stainless-steel trowel can be used in a number of ways in the average garden. Use it to remove a stubborn weed by the roots or move a plant to another location. The most common use, however, is to turn the soil and sift through it. By turning the soil in your garden with a trowel, you expose it to the elements and mix nutrients more thoroughly throughout.

Gardening can be a tremendous source of relaxation and even exercise when done properly. Your tools are your equipment when it comes to this. While choosing tools for your garden tool-box, always remember to look for ergonomic tools that have an easy grip and will reduce fatigue in your arms and body, reducing the risk of injuries or even recurrences.

A minor injury can become a major one without the proper treatment and cause the gardener feelings of discouragement! Always do your research before embarking on a new garden and choose tools to suit your body and needs, no one else’s.

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