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Great Ways to Rid Your Garden of Weeds

When thinking of summer our heads are filled with images of picnics and barbecues that include salads made from the plump red tomatoes and leafy greens grown in our very own gardens. Yet, there are these nasty little attackers who disguise themselves as pretty little white & yellow flowers that invade and kill the fruits and vegetables we planted with our love and sweat.

This year, we at Hire A Hubby and our friends at BackyardBoss want to help you conquer the pests that are determined to ruin our gardens, and our summer salad dreams. The best part is that these weeds can eventually be used for fertilisation of the same garden. An established recycling method of your weeds can be obtained if you try a compost tumbler.

Still, the first thing we have to do is get rid of them, these are the ways we suggest…


By this we mean to smother them from the sun. All things growing from the ground need sunlight to grow, whether it’s a lot or a little. Most likely your garden is in direct sunlight since this is requirement for most items planted in them, so how do you stop them from getting the sun?

One idea is to cover them with strips of newspapers because paper is biodegradable, and then to cover the strips with mulch. Once the weeds are covered it shouldn’t take long for them to die off. If some stubborn ones grow through the newspaper and mulch “just add another layer” and it should do the trick.


Only the weed seeds that live on the top two inches of your garden are in a position to grow, due to the sunlight. Yet, there are many more seeds living deep in the soil. If you dig too far down, those seeds will find their way to the sun, and eventually become the beasts that kill your tomatoes.

Advice for avoiding this is to “dig only when you need to” and when you do dig add some mulch so they can’t grow. Another tip that focuses more on your lawn is to avoid disturbing the soil too much when trying to rid it of dandelions. Use a “narrow blade” to split the flower from the root to cut off “their feed source” and don’t forget weed seeds can lay inert for great durations.


Ok, we aren’t talking about a guillotine, but cutting the head of weeds off is another good way to get them gone for good. This works best with weeds that return annually and it is suggested you do it before they start to dump seeds all over your garden. Since seeds from weeds tend to come from the head of the plant, it makes sense that removing it all together will greatly diminish the amount of recurrence.

Some weeds are tough so you might want to use pruning loppers or some other tool of equal strength. This method also strains the “food reserves” and will drain “their supply of root buds”, which ultimately deadens “their spread.”


There are a great many chemical weed killers out there but let’s face it, those will get into the soil, and into your cucumbers, which will eventually wind up inside of you and your friends and family. Natural herbicides are best for the environment and for you.

Whether it’s table salt acting alone or simple boiling water there are a myriad of natural herbicides that can be whipped up in your kitchen. A simple mixture of a cup of salt and a cup of vinegar can be sprayed directly onto the leaves of the weeds for an effective disposal.

Another homemade recipe calls for 10oz of laundry detergent mixed with two and a half gallons of water. Make sure the mixture is even throughout and transfer a portion to a spray bottle. When you are spraying though, make sure you are spraying just the leaves of the weeds and not the other occupants of your garden. Avoid soil saturation as well.


We can’t forget the age old method of ridding your garden of pesky weeds, which is to simply pull them out.  There is no denying that this approach can become not only frustrating, it seems simply futile at times. Yet, if your garden is made from “raised beds and containers” then pulling is by far your best option.

If you do decide to pull your weeds out it is suggested that you do it “slowly from the base of the weed.” This is the only way to ensure you pull out the entire root system and don’t leave anything behind. It is important to wear gardening gloves for plants with spines or spikes. These weeds can be thrown into that compost we suggested earlier in the article. 

Now your garden is free of the pesky weeds, grab yourself a glass of vino and enjoy what’s left of the longer evenings…

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